The Best Songs of Worship and Praise

There is a real hunger in the church today—a growing hunger to know and experience God in a personal way. That’s why it is crucial for worship leaders to discover the best new music for worship. Truth is, we were created to know God in this way—to have a relationship with God. He has desired an intimate relationship with us from the beginning of time.  As we raise our voices in church and sing songs of worship and adoration, we are inviting Him into our lives!

God Desires a Relationship with Us

All lasting relationships are based on mutual interest, trust, and understanding. By choosing to create us in His image—with a mind (the ability to reason), a will, and emotions—and by providing everything we need for life, God created and equipped us for a lasting relationship with Him.

From beginning to end, the Bible makes it clear: God desires a relationship with us. He wants us to know who He is, who we are in relationship to Him, how we should respond, and what we can anticipate in return.

That’s why our songs of worship and praise are crucial.  Those songs are our expression—our confession that Jesus is truly the Son of the Most High God!  The key to experiencing God is developing a lifestyle of worship.  As we raise our voices in praise and adoration, God is glorified—we are drawn to Him and He will respond.

Take a look at the statements below.  There is no doubt!  Our best songs of worship and praise make a difference in our lives.

  1. Worship is our response to God’s revelation—who He is and what He has done.
  2. Worship is the key to experiencing God in our lives.
  3. Worship is our only reasonable response to God’s revelation.
  4. We are free to worship God because of Jesus’ sacrifice.
  5. When we worship, God has promised to be present.

Worship Is the Key to Experiencing God

Simply stated, we are called to respond to all that God has revealed about Himself and to His never-ending desire to enter a deeper relationship with each of us. Through the ages, God has been in the constant process of revealing His character and essence. Yes, God is mysterious in many ways, but He is never a mystery. He has gone to great lengths to reveal Himself throughout history—including sending His Son, Jesus, into the world—and He continues to reveal Himself today in a variety of ways:

God reveals Himself in creation.

God reveals Himself through His Word.

God reveals Himself through the Holy Spirit.

God created us for relationship with Him and deeply desires to reveal Himself—who He is and what He has done—to us. He has promised to meet us as we worship. In fact, as we understand and embrace all that God has done for us in Christ Jesus, our only reasonable and adequate response is worship. Our response to God always requires faith and corresponding action, yet God never forces us to respond; it is always our choice.

I believe with all my heart that the key to breakthrough, the key to experiencing God in our own lives and having a personal relationship with Him, is found in developing a lifestyle of worship.  That’s why it is essential that we discover and share the best new songs of worship and praise.  That is why Worship Underground exists! 

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