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While playing a song, how do I return to the full list of songs on the Channel that the song is on? 

Simply click on the Channel icon to the left side of the player at the bottom of the page.

Am I able to download songs from Worship Underground?

No, WU is a streaming service only. However, as you play each song, you will see links to the lyrics and publishing information for each song to help you locate that song in your favorite music download site.

Why should I vote for a song?

Every vote matters! The system is designed to tally votes for each song and that information will provide the pathway for the very best new and undiscovered songs to appear on the Trending Charts.

Can I vote for a song more than once?

No, the system allows only one vote per song per subscriber or team member who is following a subscriber’s SongList.

How many people can I share my personal SongList with?

Each subscriber may share your SongList with up to 20 team members.

As a “Team Member” (one who is invited to follow a Subscriber’s SongList) can I view other parts of the Worship Underground platform?

Each Team Member is automatically signed up for their own Free Membership to see all that Worship Underground provides. That access remains active as long as the subscriber is part of Worship Underground. 

How can I get my songs played on Worship Underground?

All unpublished or “indie” songs, as well as songs from small publishers, are routed through Nashville Christian Songwriters Association for consideration. Check out the Songwriters page to find out how to submit your worship songs.

I am a small publisher. How do I apply to get my own publisher channel on Worship Underground?

We are always looking for new sources for great new and undiscovered worship songs. You can begin by submitting a song or two through Nashville Christian Songwriters Association. Check out the Songwriters page to find out how to submit your worship songs.

How do I visit the welcome on-boarding sequence again?

When you decide to “follow” any Channel or Channels, the welcome screen disappears. To view it again, just “un-follow” the Channels you have selected to “follow.”

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