What The Best Songs of Worship Have In Common

Whether you are a worship leader, worship team member, songwriter, or one who worships the Lord as you drive to church or to the office, you can probably name several songs that have deeply impacted your life.

For me, the first two worship songs that come to mind are “In Christ Alone” and “10,000 Reasons.”  Take a moment and think about two songs that have deeply impacted your life. 

Now, let me ask you a question:  Do you know what two things those songs have in common?  The answer is simple but very important, as you’ll soon realize.

Both of those songs existed BEFORE you heard them.  And if people like you had not shared them with others (from the church platform, on social media, or simply word of mouth) they would not have impacted millions of people around the world!

That’s why the Lord directed me to create Worship Underground.  This is His platform where you and I get to share the next great new or undiscovered songs of worship with countless others that need to hear—that need another song to impact their lives.

So get involved.  Check out the channels regularly and share your own personal SongList with those around you.  The greatest song of worship ever written may be waiting for you to do your part!