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I’m very grateful you have discovered Worship Underground.  You may think this is just another streaming service, but it is far more than that!

As much as we all love to hear well-known worship songs, you won’t hear those on Worship Underground. We’re only interested in delivering the best new songs of worship—long before they might be heard on the radio or YouTube, if ever.

As a worship leader, worship team member, and worshiper you have experienced the power of a song. Discovering new songs that will impact the lives of people around you is a big part of your passion and calling because you know, we all need to hear the next new song of worship.

Worship Underground is not just another commercial streaming service–it is absolutely FREE to you and your entire worship team! Our entire focus is to help you discover and share the next great songs of worship that will soon impact people around the world.

For just a moment, I want you to consider two or three songs that have deeply impacted your life. For me, that list includes In Christ Alone, 10,000 Reasons, and Revelation Song. Do you realize what every song on your list has in common? They all existed long before you heard them! Then, someone like you discovered those songs and gave them an opportunity to be heard–again and again.

Our mission is really very simple: We want to help you find the next great songs of worship that the Lord is pouring out through His servant writers. Then every time you vote for a song, those songs will move up the Trending Charts and impact more lives!

If you have questions or suggestions, email me. Welcome to the Underground! 

Stan Moser

Executive Director, Worship Underground


Worship Underground® is a division of Music and the Word Ministries (a 501 c3 not-for-profit ministry).


Executive Director, Worship Underground

Stan Moser has been a top executive in the Christian communications industry nearly fifty years. He has held key executive positions with Word Music, StarSong Communications, Maranatha! Music, and is the Founder and CEO of Christian Music United. During his career Stan has overseen the development and sale of more than $1,000,000,000 in music sales. He has also served as leading consultant in the areas of men’s ministry, worship ministry, as well as the Christian music and publishing industry.

Stan has played a vital role in the development of Contemporary Christian Music and the Contemporary Worship Movement since their beginnings, helping create platforms for hundreds of recording artists and songwriters including Andrae Crouch, Evie, the Imperials, Amy Grant, Bill Gaither, Michael W. Smith, Twila Paris, Petra, Phillips Craig & Dean, the Marantha! Praise Series, and Newsboys. 

Recently, Stan served as Executive Producer of a concert event many have called “The Greatest Night In The History Of Contemporary Christian Music” featuring 33 of the top CCM recording artists of all time performing 50 of the best known songs from 40 years of CCM history. This event was streamed live to 183 countries and served as the foundational content for the “We Will Stand” CD, DVD, television broadcast and documentary series, as well as a hardcover book documenting the history of Contemporary Christian Music.

Stan is the author of six books including, Seven Words of Worship—The Key To A Lifetime of Experiencing God (B&H Publishing / LifeWay Christian Resources) with Mike Harland, We Will Stand (The Real Story Behind the Songs, Artists, and Executives Who Built the Contemporary Christian Music Industry), and most recently Sow Generous—Every Gift Matters.

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a division of Music and the Word Ministries (a 501c3 not-for-profit ministry). All rights reserved. 

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